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The Coastal Marine Security Operations Centres have been operating on the east coast in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and on the west coast in Esquimalt (Victoria), British Columbia since September 2004. The Centres are staffed with personnel from five partner federal departments and agencies – Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces (DND/CF), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and Transport Canada (TC).  These MSOCs are based in facilities owned and managed by DND/CF in the naval dockyards.

A third MSOC - MSOC Great Lakes Saint Lawrence Seaway - is led by the RCMP and has been operating in Niagara Falls, Ontario since July 2005.  This Centre is also staffed with personnel from five partner federal departments and agencies, and is based in facilities owned and managed by the RCMP. 

The MSOC Mission is to provide Canadians with comprehensive marine security to detect, assess and support appropriate response to a marine based threats that could negatively affect the safety, security, environment or economy of Canada. Threats include emerging terrorist activity, trans-national crime, environmental and health threats, and over-fishing in Canadian waters by other countries.

The function of the MSOCs is to enable the five partner federal departments and agencies to work collaboratively to collect and analyze intelligence and other information in an effort to develop a solid awareness, in their respective areas of responsibility, with regard to marine security. By bringing together civilian and military inter-department/agency staff, the MSOCs provide a much clearer picture of the identification, intent and movement of vessels, personnel and cargo destined for, or already in, the maritime approaches to Canada.  The Centres are well on the way to possessing the capacity to detect, assess, and support a coordinated interdepartmental approach when dealing with marine security threats to Canada and its Allies.Today, the Coastal MSOCs are operating on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year and are progressively enhancing their capabilities as the Project evolves towards Full Operational Capability, projected for 2014.  Our staffs are engaged on a daily basis in threat assessment, analysis and support to routine and contingency operations.  As well staffs are contributing to the ongoing process of enhancing inter-agency information exchange and implementing new technology-driven products and services.  The MSOCs are considered to be "living labs" providing input to the Coastal Project Office on required capabilities and are working aggressively to develop and implement new technology-driven products and services to protect Canada’s coastline and Canadians.  The Centres represent a new and unique level of integration and co-operation between government departments and agencies involved in marine security.

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